7 Myths About VA Disability

Older veteran salutes near the American flag
  1. You must have served overseas or in combat – this is not true

  2. Getting VA disability benefits will take it away from someone else (this couldn’t be further from the truth)

  3. VA disability offsets Social Security Disability or Retirement – this is not true.

  4. My VA Disability will affect employment in the future.

  5. You must appear in front of a Judge. This is not true. It is possible to apply and appeal your VA Disability claim and never set foot in a Courtroom or in front of a Judge.

  6. I shouldn’t pursue all conditions at once. This is a complete myth and for some reason non-Attorneys have been telling Veterans to only apply for some conditions now and others later. You should apply for each and every condition.

  7. If I’m not diagnosed with PTSD, I shouldn’t apply now. This is not true! If you feel as though you have PTSD related to service, you can apply now and begin seeking treatment after you apply. It’s not too late to do either. Don’t give up! We are here to help!

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