7 Tips to Win Your Disability Case: Part One

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A hearing before the Administrative Law Judge is considered to be the most important stage when claiming Social Security Disability benefits. The following Social Security Disability tips will help you prepare and increase the chances of winning your case.

  • When writing your initial application, you must be as thorough as possible. Be sure to list all your doctors, medications, medical conditions, and background. Occasionally, your combined conditions make you unable to work.
  • If your case gets denied, immediately appeal it. Based on statistics, most claims are initially denied. This does not mean that you will not eventually win your case. A majority of successful cases need to be appealed twice to have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge to be successful.
  • It is essential to send back any requests from SSA immediately. Sometimes, SSA will send you a request to sign Form 827, medical release. If you receive this form, it is important to complete it because it shows they are working on your case and attempting to obtain additional medical records, increasing the likelihood of you winning your case.
  • Make sure to list all your medications and all your doctors. Simply, you may have a doctor willing to help more than another doctor with a supporting letter.

When you contact my office, I will personally be handling your case. Unlike some larger firms or national companies where you primarily work with a “case manager,” you work directly with me, and I have won millions for our clients over more than ten years. We believe we are more successful because we pay close attention to each case, and I personally handle the cases.

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