What age range is the highest % receiving Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability Attorney

The Social Security Administration breaks down statistics for different and overall percentage of each age group receiving benefits. 

SSA has statistics on their website located HERE

To summarize which are groups have the highest percentages, SSA did the report for increments of 5 years starting with under 30 to over 62 years old.  Out of 100 total percent, for the year 2020, the numbers are as follows:

Under 30 6.2% of all disability recipients are in this age group

30-34 is 3.6%

35-39 is 4.7%

40-44 is 6.2%

45-49 is 8.8 %

50-54 is 17.7%

55-59 is 28.9%

60-61 is 11.8%

62 and over is 12.1%

The average age receiving Social Security disability as of 2020 is 51.6.  Essentially, this is why you may  hear sometimes that it is easier to get disability when you are older.  The reason is actually in the regulations which are more favorable to the worker the older that person gets, starting with the age of 50.  Secondly, most people develop chronic health problems later in life.

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