If you need a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Do you need a Disability lawyer?

Social Security Disability applications go through the administrative process initially; and, if needed, go through the federal Courts.  Sometimes people ask if they need a Social Security Disability lawyer, and technically the answer is no, you are not required to have an attorney to pursue your benefits.  The benefit of hiring a Social Security Disability attorney should be for many reasons, including: maximizing your back pay and total benefits, ensuring SSA properly processes your case, identifying errors by SSA with their decisions and/or rulings, handling retrieving medical records, filing appeals on your behalf, and strategizing with you for your case. 

You should always be sure your attorney is helping with all those aforementioned things and overall making the process easier for you.  With new rules, it is entirely possible to have an attorney help you with your case and you never need to leave your house.  All of the attorney's fees for Social Security are regulated by SSA and all fee agreements have to be approved by SSA first, before the attorney is able to collect any fees.  

Also, be sure to ask if your attorney will charge you for retrieving medical records and other things.  Our law firm does not charge for obtaining your medical records or anything like that.  Some firms may not disclose this very well when beginning representation, so it is important to be clear on all of these responsibilities and expectations with your attorney.  Finally, always remember that you as the claimant, as in control of your case and you should always feel comfortable asking or requesting certain things of your lawyer. 

If you have any questions or would like a free case review, you can call us at 800-580-7432.

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