Top things to look for in a Disability Lawyer

Discussing Disability Claim

When searching for a Social Security Disability Lawyer, there are many similar terms you may come across, for example, Indianapolis Social Security Disability Lawyer, Indiana SSD Attorney, Tennessee SSDI Attorney, Ohio SSI Attorney, or Indianapolis SSD Appeal Attorney, SSDI Attorney, or SSI Attorney. The truth of the matter is that these are all essentially the same type of Attorney and as previously mentioned, it is a federal program, so most Disability Attorneys represent clients in many states. We cover an expansion of the Midwest. So, we wanted to update our previous lists on top things to look for in a Disability Attorney.

  1. How many years have they been in practice? There are plenty of Attorneys with at least 10 years experience and over 1000 cases. We believe this is a good measure of a law firm and suggest it be a criteria for anyone looking for a good Disability lawyer. Don’t settle for less!
  2. When it comes to Social Security Disability, your attorney should always know all the different options you have for your case to win. Often times, there can more than one “theory of the case,” as it’s called by SSA, and your Attorney should discuss that with you – especially in preparation for your hearing. Always make sure your attorney has a clear theory of the case on how to win!
  3. Medical Records are obviously the most important evidence for your case. For Social Security Disability cases, it is very important to have all your medical records in before your hearing. In fact, there is a rule called a “5-day” rule that requires all evidence to be sent in at least 5 days out from the hearing date, or if waiting on medical records, to explain and request an extension for these missing records. If this is not done, the Judge may move forward and not consider crucial evidence, so this is very important!
  4. Review your entire file with your attorney. Your attorney has an electronic copy of your file and you should always know what is in the file and review it with your Attorney. When you have a phone hearing, the Judge will verify that you did review this with your attorney and that you understand the issues involved.

There are dozens of other things to look for in a top Social Security Disability Attorney. These are some of the most important ones. Remember, you are in control of your case and the Attorney works for you! In the thousands of cases I have personally handled, I know of many cases that were won because of the good communication and thorough review of the file. We are all human – including the Judges – so you want to be sure you are in control of your case and in sync with your Disability Attorney to give yourself the best shot at winning.

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